UNDP Model Governance Framework for Digital Legal Identity System

Good governance of Digital Legal ID is a foundational element of digital public infrastructure (DPI). Welcome to UNDPs new framework for navigating towards a rights-based, multi-stakeholder, governance set-up.


what is?

Governance frameworks can be used to refer to different things, but generally the term is used to refer to how objectives and goals are met in an ethical and accountable manner. A governance framework can be narrow or broad but commonly it includes elements put in place to manage responsibility, risk and accountability of institutions and systems. 

Who is it for?

This is intended primarily as a resource for UNDP partners, particularly government and civil society actors, who seek to develop and advocate for rights based, inclusive digital identity systems.

How should I use the framework?


Study the Framework.
Identify valuable national use cases or purpose of the ID systems.

Customise the framework to meet your needs (defining elements and anchor questions).

Conduct desk based research, and interviews with key informants to map the framework against your findings.


Identify gaps in information and /or the need for further research.

Use mapping information to do an analysis identifying strengths and weaknesses.


Convene a meeting of stakeholders to validate analysis, fill gaps in knowledge and generate recommendations for policy.

Use analysis and workshop outcomes to generate an implementation strategy.


This large language model (LLM)-based chatbot can assist on questions related to rights-based, inclusive digital identity systems. It is based on content used to develop the governance framework and supporting material , from a wide range of recognised organisations and experts in the field of governance of legal digital ID.

You can ask about...

"How can inclusivity be ensured in digital ID implementation?"

"Which guidelines are available on ethical digital ID governance?"

"What are potential risks associated with digital IDs?"

Please note: While the chatbot offers insights grounded in reliable texts and expert opinions, it is essential to remember that it does not replace the need for conducting your own comprehensive research, consulting directly with experts, engaging with a wider community of stakeholders, or referring to specific legal documents and human experiences. We encourage you to use this chatbot as a starting point and to dive deeper into topics that resonate with your objectives and concerns.